Didi Kambangwa , Naturalist (Bushman)

Didi is the head of Land Africa tour guides department, he defines the Company authenticity. Didi is a Bushman from Mawanda tribe and can be traced back to the roots of Mfecane Wars, in South Africa, he works as  in charge  of  our Selous Mloka Sub-Office. Didi is a unique professional figure that Tanzania has, with 8 years’ experience in Naturalist Tour Guiding, specialized in Plants, Culture animal Psychology. He pursued a Diploma in wildlife conservation and management in Mikumi, Morogoro. In 2013 he conducted a research along with a German Scientist Naturalist Dr Ian Gobbels, on African Medicines found in Selous. Didi connects nature with Culture and Science to meet today’s world. He was discovered by Land Africa Limited in 2009 and transformed him from a traditional hunter to an anti-poaching activist; currently he is lobbying for an end to the Selous Poaching activities by Civic Educating masses in Tanzania through the Company.  

Guide / Naturalist

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